Fact or Fiction: ” I Had No Time to Hate…”

“I had no time to hate, because
The grave would hinder me,
And life was not so ample I
Could finish enmity.
Nor had I time to love, but since
Some industry must be,
The little toil of love, I thought,
Was large enough for me.”

This is a nonfiction poem by Emily Dickinson. It can be interpreted to mean that the narrator will not hate because it is a waste of emotion. This is because when the narrator does not have enough time to hate anything because life is short. The next stanza is saying that she did not have time to love either. However, she might as well try. It is basically the narrator struggling with how life is short and she has chosen love over hate. This poem has a melancholy feel. It is a good thing that she didn’t have time to hate, however, she also did not have time to love. It ends on the sadder tone which leaves the reader feeling like that is what the author wants us to dwell on.

This is said to be a nonfiction poem. It has qualities that express emotion and portray how the author feels. This is an element of nonfiction. Everything said in this poem is a fact. For example, the line “The grave would hinder me, and life was not so ample” can not be interpreted to be false because time is not ample. This is a fact. Every line is either a fact about life or an opinion/emotion. That is why this poem is nonfiction.

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