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David Carr was a journalist who wrote about journalism and the media, and then he died last week.

Here is a really great profile he wrote that captures a lot of the uglier sides of the internet and new media. It is super deadpan take-down of a man that is a piece of shit.

“In that sense, Mr. Johnson shares some common characteristics with the so-called mood slime in “Ghostbusters II,” which lived underneath New York City and gathered strength by feeding on the anger coursing through the streets above it. He would be just one more person hurling invective from a basement somewhere if not for all of us — his fans, his enabling social media platforms and his critics in the news media — who have created this troll on steroids.”

On the topic of death, here is an obituary of Joan Rivers from The Economist. Remember this is in the back of a newspaper that covers politics and finance, and where letters to the editor are addressed as “SIR”. It is violently offensive. It is written from the perspective of Joan Rivers’ ashes, so if you didn’t like Rivers’ jokes, you won’t like this either.

More death.

Here is an article about the stabbing of an Italian immigrant 50 years ago that was counted as his cause of death when he died late last year.


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